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10 Treats 90s Kids Will Remember

by Bethany (follow)
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The team here at Foodi hails mostly from the 90s, and we took a Hump Day break with a trip down memory lane. They weren't always the healthiest of snack options, but when you were a kid, you left that sort of thinking to the adults.

Here are ten of our favourite snacks we had as children — although some of them may pre-date the 90s — let us know if we've missed any of your favourites!

1. Zooper Dooper
At 25 cents each, these were easily one of the most affordable ways to keep cool during summer. The canteen would always be stocked full of them, but you’d have to race your peers for a chance to get the best flavours — bubblegum and Coke.

Zooper Dooper Cosmic Flavours - Zooper Dooper Facebook Page

2. Minties
Remember the time, back in the 90s, when Minties challenged us to see who could tear its wrapper into the longest, continuous strand? They switched to paper wrappers just for it too. Good times.

Minties - Fiona Henderson, Flickr

3. Push Pops and Ring Pops
At least one person you know has probably been proposed to on the playground via Ring Pop. And who can forget the greatest Push Pop slogan: Don’t push me, push a Push Pop!

4. Fizzers
Chewy, sticky, and slightly fizzy, remember when these used to sell at canteens for only 25 cents? Unfortunately now, with healthy food movements, you won’t find a single one in any school canteen.

Strawberry Fizzers - www.lollywarehouse.com.au

5. Shapes
Pizza Shapes, to be specific. The only flavour that really mattered. Although Barbecue and Tomato Salsa could probably give it a run for its money.

6. Juice Poppers
They came in cartons, a la Just Juice, and in small bottles with resealable lids, like Pop Tops. Who didn’t have one in their lunchboxes? Even though Just Juice proves to be the healthier option, Pop Tops have the advantage of being in a reusable bottle.

Pop Tops - www.aspreycreative.com.au

7. Gummi Burgers
Not just burgers, but also pizzas, fries, and hotdogs — the Trolli Gummi Range was all anyone could talk about back in school.

Gummi Burger and Hot Dog - Joel Kramer, Flickr

8. Cheesticks
Back then, Kraft Cheestiks and Bega Stringers were the top names when it came to cheesey snacks for children. Does anyone else remember peeling Bega Stringers into weird shapes?

9. Nerds
Looking at them now, Nerds were just rocks of sugar coated in different colours, but boy were they good. They came in sets of two flavours, and garishly bright boxes.


10. Le Snak
Which genius came up with cheese dips and crackers in convenient portions, designed to fit into lunchboxes? The best part was eating all the crackers, and then polishing off the rest of the cheese with your fingers at the end.

What snacks or lollies do you remember from your childhood? Hopefully they were a little healthier than the ones here!

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